BALTIC ADVICE is a Danish owned private company providing industrial design, engineering services to Scandinavian market. Company helps customers to improve their competitive positioning and offers outsourcing of engineering tasks, implementing individual approach to specific customer needs. During 10 years on the market company has gained long term cooperation with number of Danish and Norwegian entities working in metal industry, building and construction sectors.

Baltic Advice


Ltd “Droša darba birojs” is a competent institution in labor protection issues, which provides labor protection and fire safety services to companies of various industries. The company carries out an on-site audit of the establishment, inspects workplaces, premises and construction sites, as well as provides advice on the improvement of labor protection measures; prepares documentation in labor protection and fire safety in accordance with the requirements referred to in the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers; develops instructions, instructs employees in person, as well as remotely; represents the interests of the company in the institutions controlling labor protection and fire safety issues.


eSYS pro Ltd. is a company dealing with collection of various types of waste. Company’s main business function is management of liquid and solid port waste generated form yachts, ships and vessels. Company’s activities are also related to maintaining security in the port area – patrolling and ensuring the operation of the port maintenance coordination center. The company has developed a variety of customized IT solutions to make waste management and port security more efficient. eSYS pro ensures training for safety on the water, swimming and first aid on water, as well as training on oil and chemical spill collection. Company also provides 24/7 response services; the specially trained staff is ablet to locate and collect oil and chemical spills both on and offshore.

VOBP Premekon


PREMEKON Oy is a Finnish designer and manufacturer of industrial walkways, stair towers as well as various other types of metal structures. The company was established in 1984. For further development, in 2019 was established design and engineering daughter company located in Riga.

Design is still the strength of PREMEKON, and this allows the clients to be provided with turnkey deliveries of the service platforms: from custom-made 3D design to installation.


ZZ STREET Ltd. is a newly established company located in Liepaja, which is managed by construction industry specialists with previous 15 years of work experience in the construction industry.

The company offers road, street and square construction services. The range of services offered also includes paving, various ground works, installation of fences, sawing of dangerous trees, etc. After finding out clients’ wishes, the company provides consultations by professional specialists and offers the best possible solution for the realization of plans.

Jauns nomnieks VOBP

ARKA lux

ARKA lux Ltd. is manufacturer of timber & timber-aluminium windows and doors. ARKA lux provides full range of services – design, production, logistics and installation. Company specializes also on bespoke and exclusive solution design. Key products – sliding systems, Scandinavian type windows and doors. Most of the ARKA lux market is made up of exports; the company’s main markets are Scandinavia, Great Britain, and Ireland.


KVIST Ltd. is a part of AS KVIST Industries group, which has been successfully operating in the furniture market for 3 generations. KVIST Industries has a manufactures in Latvia and Denmark. The company is specialized in the production of curved glued and solid wood furniture and furniture parts with high added value. In cooperation with talented designers and the best of Scandinavian furniture and design companies, Kvist Industries creates products that set standards for design, technology and quality.

KVIST SIA started production in Latvia in November 2011. Latvian production facilities in Upmalas, Mālpils municipality and Liepaja employ more than 660 employees.

Būve LK

“Būve LK” Ltd is a new, purposeful and fast-growing construction company founded in 2017 with an energetic and experienced team of professionals. We are proud of our great variety of projects, our ability to provide competitive pricing and high quality of work.

The mission of Būve LK is to build boldly, thoughtfully and sustainably. Because construction work is always the beginning of something new, but for everything new it is important to provide a solid foundation for future development. To grow and develop together with customers – this is our vision for the future.

AM Furnitura

“AM Furnitura” Ltd. is a leading furniture fittings and board materials trade company in Latvia and one of the largest manufacturers and traders of furniture components in the Baltics.

Company offers a wide range of products from 60 suppliers, including well-known brands around the world -“BLUM”, “HÄFELE”, “EGGER”, “REHAU”, “FENIX”, “FRANKE”. Company also offers its own product brand “AMFLEX”, whose assortment includes sliding door systems, manufacture of furniture parts, aluminum profiles for furniture fronts and mirrors with LED lighting.


VIA-S modular houses

“VIA-S modular houses” Ltd. is a company with 16 years of experience in the production of modular houses. From the boldest idea to a ready “turn-key” house product – that is our motto and goal. Thanks to a professional team and quality product, the company has gained its reputation as a solid and trustworthy partner in the European market.


“BALTU KOKS” Ltd. is a forestry company that has been dealing with forest management, purchase and sale of forest properties over 15 years. Development and purposefulness have always been a story about us, so over the years a group of related companies have been established and joined under a common name. The Group of BALTU KOKS includes company “BALTU Forest Group” dealing with timber purchase, trade and export and “BALTU MRS” offering forestry logging services. We understand the strength of the forest and the value of the tree, so we help ownerrs understand the potential of their forest.

AE Partner

“AE Partner” Ltd. provides high quality automation systems for industrial companies all around the world and a wide range of automation services for a variety of projects. The company specializes in the production of Electrical Panels, including Distribution Panels, MCC Panels, and PLC panels, and in designing electrical documentation.


“4rent” Ltd. offers standard and non-standard modular building solutions for a wide range – from office, building, holiday home, residential, commercial, school extension and industrial. The company provides an individual approach to each project, providing the best solutions for rent and sale, for both short and long term cooperation.



VENDEN has been operating in water supply business for more than 25 years, and its main activities include manufacturing of spring water and natural mineral water, rent of water consumption equipment, sales of coffee and related products, as well as rent of coffee machines.

VENDEN is a family-based Latvian company which always takes care and thinks of how to make clients’ everyday life more convenient, trying to offer the best service within the sector and individual approach to each client.